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    Salamanca ^ The crew in Salamanca, Spain the first stop on the trip to Australia Nov 2008



    .rathmines ^ Rathmines Dec 7th 2008





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    The CAT is presently located next to the AIRAG hangar in Gipsy Street in the open at Bankstown Airport in preparation for its Certificate of Air Worthiness after refurbishment of parts of the airframe prior to its move to Rathmines. There are only a few major items remaining to be completed:

    • Replace all fuel and oil lines in pylon and each engine
    • Remove and inspect no 1 (port) propellor
    • Patch holes caused by hail damage to topside of both elevators
    • Weight and balance and landing gear retraction test
    • Permanently secure water bombing doors


    The fact that we have progressed so far in this process is due to the hard work of our volunteers who work on the Cat every weekend and have carried out the following work:


    1. Replaced rivets in hull step at ST 7 lower hull area rear fuselage.
    2. Replaced LH elevator up cable.
    3.LH quarter window in cockpit replaced.
    4. Nose gear viewing window replaced.
    5. Windscreen wiper blades replaced.
    6. Interior keel attach bolts replaced.
    7. Tailplane attach bolts to fuselage secured and shimmed as required.
    8. LH elevator inboard rib repaired and recovered with fabric.
    9. RH elevator tab hinge replaced.
    10. Various rivets replaced along LH and RH sides of fuselage.
    11. Rudder trim tab rod end re bushed.
    12. Rudder trim bond cable replaced.
    13. LH / RH Brakes serviced, seals replaced and brakes refitted.
    14. Screws replaced on RH fuselage skin rear of rear window.
    15. LH forward entry door latch system repaired.
    16. Cockpit RH side and overhead windows replaced.
    17. LH and RH wing floats repaired and refitted.
    18. RH float attach pylon repaired and refitted.
    19. RH and LH floats bonding leads replaced.
    20. Water tank bay lower doors removed, repaired and refitted.
    21. Hydraulic filter cleaned/repaired and refitted.
    22. Water tank structure removed.
    23. LH/RH wing attach bolts replaced.
    24. LH wing tip area repaired.
    25. LH wing float jack panel seal replaced.

    26. LH/RH engine valve clearance check carried out.
    27. LH/RH engine oil filters checked and refitted.
    28. LH oil cooler replaced.
    29. Hydraulic regulator/unloading valve repaired and refitted.
    30. Voltage regulator mount rubbers replaced.
    31. Hydraulic thermal relief valve repaired and refitted.
    32. LH/RH float rigging checked and adjusted as required.
    33. Fuselage side windows replaced.
    34. LH/RH engine cowlings repaired.
    35. LH/RH engine oil changed.

    All the Cat Assoc Members, Cat Club members and supporters are welcome to visit and give her a pat, most Saturday mornings from 9am onwards but it is advisable to call Len Linfoot if you wish to look inside on 0429 498 657 as he has the key.


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