Our Catalina is now at Bankstown Airport, Sydney, NSW undergoing restoration work to obtain its Australian Certificate of Airworthiness.


We still need additional funds to complete this work and welcome any donations large or small.


We are also seeking one or two corporate sponsors who could support the restoration and, once back in the air, ongoing flying activities.


Help us to continue to support the heritage of the Catalina. All donations are gratefully received.


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The Cat does a splash and go at Rathmines on Lake Macquarie

on 7 December 2008  enroute to Bankstown.



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                   Our Mission

To acquire, restore and operate a Catalina PBY amphibian aircraft from the historic Air Force base at Rathmines NSW.

To instruct, educate and entertain the general public through flight demonstration, special events and activities by the use of the aircraft as a flying memorial to Australians who served in Air Force flying boat squadrons during World War 2.
To encourage Australians of all ages to become actively involved in the preservation and operation of the aircraft

To support the establishment and operation of the Coral Sea Catalina Heritage Museum by using the museum as a functional operating base for the aircraft and in doing so, being the centrepiece of all museum exhibits as a static display whenever it is not flying.






VH-CAT at Bowen in December 2008




Catalina Flying Memorial Ltd

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2nd Floor, 102Longueville Road,

Lane Cove NSW 2066

+61 2 9418 3881

(e) info@catalinaflying.org.au

The Catalina Flying Memorial Newsletter – February 2021


Sadly, our Chairman and Founder Philip Dulhunty passed away on November 29th, 2020 at the age of 96. Philip had an amazing life as you can see from this link in Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Dulhunty

He was the driving force in bringing not just one, but two Catalinas to Australia. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

Mick Boyce is now our sole Director until other directors are appointed. Mick has pledged to continue Philip’s work through association with the Coral Sea Catalina Heritage Museum and and is confident the Catalina will be restored to flying condition.

The following is a Message from Mick Boyce
My immediate job is to get things sorted with compliance with The Catalina Flying Memorial and an agreement between the monies owing on the aircraft, The Catalina Flying Memorial and the Coral Sea Catalina Heritage Museum (I am the Chairman).
We can then, as funds are available, and we do have some in the Coral Sea Catalina, start with repairing the Catalina to airworthiness (not ferry permit as first planned). My aim is to get Airag onto this as time permits with their workload.
There is a decent size Grant out now, that we can hopefully apply for and get.
We received money for a Business Grant and I have attached a copy. It shows the museum/ tourism attraction/café/coffee shop that we intend to build around the Catalina and its history.
Here is a digital concept of the project. Some components will be removed as they make the cost of the project far to expensive (viewing platform in hanger).


The hanger will seat 1100 in tables of 10 and with the Catalina pulled out and special lighting, will make a brilliant aviation function area.

The museum will be on the Bowen Airport about 10 (ten)metres off the Bruce Highway.
The hanger doors will open to the west so that when open, any southern traffic will come around the bend and be presented with a Catalina looking at them. The best, biggest and most natural Catalina tourism billboard in Australia.
Although not in the Sydney area, I hope I can fill the shoes of all those that have put time and money into the project.
The aircraft will be based on an airport and town that was used by Catalinas in WW2. The front beach still has its concrete pad and part of one hanger which are both heritage listed.
For those that have put money into the project, I will arrange some sort of membership so that they can come and view the aircraft in its new home.
I will not be part of any team that will decommission the aircraft and put it as a static display so our long-term goal is to have it flying at events and displays.
I’m also hoping to do a town to town, sponsored education run with it.
My phone number is 0427 920 565 at any sensible time, 7 days a week.


Business Case - integrated visitor experience Bowen Whitsundays v7 final